Importer of Record Services

We provide a global Importer of Record service for IT equipment and technology hardware, providing you with international import compliance expertise in more than 160 countries. 

With a successful track record in international trade compliance over many years,  Mouse & Bear Solutions' Importer of Record services include: 

  • Medical devices and machinery
  • Computer equipment, networking and cloud technology
  • Data centre hardware
  • Printing technology
  • Satellite / Radar / Scientific equipment
  • Telecommunications and Networking technology
  • Equipment for the oil and gas industries
  • Video games and consoles / personal use devices

If you require a registered entity in the destination country, we can officially represent your business as the Importer of Record, handling all the necessary legal requirements, and allowing your goods to clear customs and reach their final destination without unnecessary delays or financial penalties.  

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Let us navigate complex global import processes for you.

The international shipping of IT equipment is highly regulated and can involve complex processes, which is why you need specialist support. With the knowledge and expertise gained through many years’ experience providing Importer of Record services, the Mouse & Bear team can navigate your technology goods from the country of origin through the preparations of international import and export documents and customs procedures, including temporary imports and exports. 

With our help, you can rely on fast, efficient and reliable importing and exporting of IT equipment to many countries around the world.

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What is an Importer of Record?

“Importer of Record” (or IOR) is a term used in customs law. An Importer of Record is an established business, agent or legal entity, registered in the destination country. The IOR is responsible for making sure that imported goods meet all international trade compliance and legal requirements during the import process. The IOR plays a pivotal role in global trade, ensuring smooth customs clearance, correct payment of duties and taxes, obtaining import licences and compliance with international regulations.

We've written in detail about the key responsibilities of an IOR, the key benefits of using one, and who is eligible to act as the IOR in our blog post: What is an Importer of Record?

Why use an IOR service?

As your company plans its strategy for importing goods, it's important to know the benefits and potential cost-saving of using an IOR service.

Avoid import complications and expense

If your company doesn't have a physical presence in the country of import, this can cause you many unwanted complications and expenses. And even if you do, the personnel in country may not have the required customs knowledge or accreditations to complete the entire customs compliance requirements and follow the correct procedures.

These are often complicated processes in the local language with the requirement for a person to be physically present within the Customs offices to complete and submit the relevant documents. 

An Importer of Record service such as ours can act on your company's behalf as the officially recognised legal entity.

An IOR has responsibility for: 

  • ensuring import compliance with the import regulations in that country
  • payment of the relevant duties, taxes, and other fees for the imported goods
  • filing the correct documentation, permits and obtaining the relevant import licence

Helping you with import permits and licensing

Many countries require an application and approval of an import license to import goods, not dissimilar to the requirement of applying for an entry visa to enter a country, for instance an ESTA for the US or a tourist visa for Vietnam. Depending on the country, the application for an import license will have to be done locally, either via a paper application in the local language or via an online portal by the importer of record. 

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What do our Importer of Records services include?

  • Documentation compliance checks, import permits and licensing
  • Clear shipments through the relevant customs channels
  • All customs clearance charges, duties, taxes and levies pre-paid on your behalf
  • Perform the last-mile delivery to the end user
  • Shipment status reports
  • Storage solutions
  • Temporary imports / temporary exports - navigating your IT hardware through customs procedures for temporary imports and exports, e.g. for repair.

An Importer of Record guide for your own use

You can download a guide to our IOR services for your own use. Click here to view, download or print a pdf version. If you'd prefer a non-branded version that you can send to your own customers to explain IOR services and processes, please contact us.

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