Exporter of Record (EoR) Services

Mouse & Bear Solutions offers a complete Exporter of Record (EoR) service. Our trade compliance management solution ensures the smooth export of the goods out of country and all export license requirements are fulfilled.

Reverse Logistics

With much of today’s technology becoming out-of-date and unfit for purpose within a short period, there’s an ever-growing need to replace IT solutions on a regular basis. It may be that the solution has a fault and you need to advance replace the stock or the end user is upgrading their current solution and trading in their old systems. Either way, Mouse & Bear Solutions can help you ensure that the trade compliance requirements are met to return the goods back to source.

In turn, with our Importer of Record Service we can help you carry out the entire replacement cycle, ensuring that your client does not have to face any of the complexities of the internal movement of the goods.

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