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Exporter of Record / Reverse Logistics

Exporter of Record (EOR) Services

Mouse & Bear Solutions can be appointed as the Exporter of Record for your shipment. We provide global Exporter of Record services for IT equipment and technology hardware, ensuring complete trade compliance management and the smooth export of your IT hardware out of country. We'll make sure you avoid unexpected problems that can arise without expert support. 

Our Exporter of Record services ensure you're compliant with all export license requirements and legal regulations, so you are able to maintain normal operations in your supply chain.

What is an Exporter of Record?

In a similar way that an Importer of Record is usually recognised as being the owner or purchaser of imported goods, so an Exporter of Record is noted as the owner or seller of goods being exported internationally.

The Exporter of Record is an entity or organisation with the responsibility of ensuring all exported goods comply with the local and international export legislation of the destination country. It completes all legally required export compliance documentation and processes, permits, paying any duties and taxes.

We've explained at greater length the role of the Exporter of Record and who can act in this role in our blog post - Exporter of Record (EoR) in Focus - What, Who & Why?

With the proper authorisation, an agent such as Mouse and Bear can be appointed to act as the Exporter of Record for a company that wishes to export its goods.

Reverse logistics services

Mouse & Bear can provide expert Reverse Logistics services for an effective flow of IT goods from the end-user back to the manufacturer.  This includes services for reverse logistics in medical devices and technology.

Why would you need reverse logistics services? With much of today’s technology becoming out-of-date and unfit for purpose within a short period, there’s an ever-growing need to replace IT solutions on a regular basis. It may be that the solution has a fault and you need to advance replace the stock, or the end user is upgrading their current solution and trading in their old systems.

Either way, Mouse & Bear's reverse logistics services help you to ensure that the trade compliance requirements are met. We'll manage the efficient reverse travel of your goods to return them back to source.

In turn, with our Importer of Record Service we can help you carry out the entire replacement cycle, ensuring that your client does not have to face any of the complexities of the internal movement of the goods.

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