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Importer Of Record for Mobile Medical Technology

Importer Of Record for Medical Devices & Technology

More than ever, the need exists to mobilise healthcare internationally. Our import solutions for medical technology and devices ensure that clinics, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies have what they need to treat patients and run clinical trials on potential therapies for conditions and diseases around the world, but also to engage with patients remotely to monitor their overall health.

The growing role for international shipping of medical technologies

Mobile technology is sparking change across healthcare, from how clinical trials are run to helping with medication adherence. New companies have emerged to provide secure and reliable hardware and software infrastructure to allow for remote recording of outcomes.

We have personal experience of medical clinical trials processes and remote access to medical professionals. We understand the relationship between the pharmaceutical company and the hospital running the investigation.  We recognise the clear and detailed restrictions and rules that must be followed to adhere to Ethical and Regulatory boards to ensure that the integrity of a trial is not jeopardized. In short, we know our industries.

Test-tube and pipette

Services for importing medical devices and technology

Importing medical tech can be extremely sensitive, and must be done with care and in-depth knowledge. Very few medical establishments have the experience or time to navigate the complex trade compliance processes that is required to clear customs in a timely manner, and without complications.

Mouse & Bear Solutions has extensive experience in working with medical providers to deliver an end-to-end service acting as Importer of Record for medical tech. We know which countries permit medical imports and which do not, to offer a solution for the importation of:

  • Electronic Medical devices
  • eCOA (Electronic clinical outcome assessment) devices
  • IRT (Interactive Response Technology) devices
  • Electronic patient-reported outcomes device (ePRO) devices
  • Mobile Gateways for Remote Monitoring
  • Telehealth tablets for doctors and patient

Heart-rate monitor

Modern clinical trials are increasingly complex, with studies often spanning different countries or even continents. This has been driven exponentially by the upscale of requirements triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, equally sparking a demand in remote appointments with a healthcare professional. We understand the importance of precise and timely delivery of these goods, as they are often required to a deadline. We’ll work diligently to ensure that at quote stage, we make the client aware of the timescales required for the process.

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Please note, we do not offer trade compliance services for hazardous materials, biological samples or drugs which are approved-to-market or at the investigational stage. We also cannot import goods that require approval for use by an international, or a local medical board.


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