Trade Compliance: adding value and margin to the IT Channel

Released On 1st Jun 2018

Distributors and resellers are constantly searching for new ways to bring in net-new revenue, remain competitive and have attractive value-added services that encourage end users to buy from them. They want the big deals, and stand on the international platform.

Standing out from your competitors

Gone are the days when a distributor or reseller offering pre-staging, consultancy or specific specialisations in vendor technology is enough to differentiate themselves from their competition to the large multi national corporations. Now there has to be more - something the competition isn't doing, a service that is not about technological solutions – it has to be a step further, bigger, better, more valuable to the end user. The channel has to migrate into areas of the total solution they haven't gone to before.

Equally, the struggle for Vendors attention and commitment is hard. Vendors choose their channel very carefully; they want partners that can take their products into new markets, new geographies, new industries and win over share from their own competitors. Vendors want partners that can offer an entire and complete package of value added services to the end users and create emerging markets, not try and land grab established run rate business.

So once a channel partner has established their services and solutions from technical design through to post sales support, what more can they offer?

What other areas can add value and make more margin?

Offering trade compliance solutions

The answer? Trade Compliance, or to your average person International Logistics. This is the part of the complete solution that gets forgotten. The PO from the customer for a 10 country roll-out has come in - brilliant let's ship it! But what if delivery of goods needs to go to Thailand or Australia, or even Mongolia? Who deals with that part?

Overcoming your customer's import problems

Many customers come to us when the kit is ready to go only to realise that the kit has special conditions; to keep it simple imagine a Security, Storage, Voice and networking kit has to get Import licenses to enter the country - think of it like a passport. This has to be approved before the kit goes - it can be a lengthy process.

Also, your consignee has to be the Importer of Record - this basically means that the local office of your end user is required to state they are importing. Not a problem right? WRONG! If the budget is centralised in, lets say, the UK, then the kit is a taxable asset to the central office, not the remote hub the kit is going to, so by importing it to the local office, they become liable for the taxable asset (the kit). This isn't good because on paper it's not theirs.

All very confusing, and quite frankly not something your average Joe needs to understand, but this stuff is important to your end users. Non-compliance to international customs laws has the same level of risk and fines as not complying with GDPR and being breached. Make no mistake, Trade Compliance is important stuff.

Reselling Mouse & Bear's  Trade Compliance  solutions 

How do you solve this problem and make money?

Mouse & Bear Solutions can take these problems away. We specialise in all aspects of trade compliance for technology and telecommunications movement, bringing a wealth of experience.

Problem solved: re-sell Mouse & Bears Trade Compliance solutions with your technology solution to your global deals and achieve an additional layer of very healthy margin. We obtain all the Import licenses, act as Importer of Record and deliver the goods to the end user. This means

  • Your end-user doesn’t bear the burden of meeting trade compliance requirements themselves
  • Allows you to sell and deploy technology equipment into new countries and continents, opening up your market coverage.
  • Remove the risk of non-compliance and the costs and delays associated 
  • Meet the requirements of an ever-changing global regulatory environment.
  • Remove uncertainty about your ability to complete shipments or tackle unexpected challenges.
  • Add Trade Compliance to your value-added services to your portfolio.

We have an established office in the UK to provide Importer of Record (IoR) and Exporter of Record (EoR) services to over 160 countries worldwide. 

We employ a hands-on, project management approach for the delivery of our clients’ technology hardware into international markets. We pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with our clients to create bespoke personalised solutions to suit any global project, independent of size. 

Providing exceptional customer service and support, we walk our clients through the entire logistical and customs clearance process; continual progress updates allow you peace of mind and the freedom to pursue your core business activities. We can be the backbone behind one of your most unique offerings.

Please feel free to contact us for further information or advice.

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