Released On 11th Mar 2020

The Benefit of Storage and IOR as a Value-Added Service

How resellers and distributors can help end-users manage time-critical deployment processes

We’re aware from conversations with value-added resellers and global end-users of technology that purchase and deployment processes are changing, and rapidly. 

Disbanded networks no longer exist; large companies have moved away from segmented infrastructures based on geographical locations; the network is vastly changing with no sign of slowing down. 

The technological evolution of cloud services, managed services, the Internet of Things, machine-learning technologies and the demand of consumers requires fast global deployment. We expect to be able to access our online services everywhere and anywhere at any time, and instantly, whether we are in India or the USA. 
This in turn has driven businesses to manage and buy their technology centrally. They deploy worldwide projects based on the needs of their remote or satellite offices and data-centres. They often have multiple installations in the same country. 

Logistical challenges

However, rapid deployment on this scale comes with logistical challenges, where engineers must be scheduled to be on site, and IT downtime and change-management processes must be planned with precise timing. 

Equipment must be delivered to the sites with impeccable timing, having already met all the import compliance and regulations, not to mention pre-planned delivery slots at data-centres that may be dark much of the time. 

It goes without saying that this is no easy task when central network coordination is also required – the process must happen with no room for error. 

IOR and storage solutions mitigate the risk of delay

The need for such accuracy comes with its own complexities. The importation of dual-use, controlled goods can often take time, with many variables affecting the timeline, depending on the country. 

If import clearance and delivery timescales cannot be guaranteed, it can be a huge risk to move goods into international locations when working to a strict timescale.

The solution is for an IOR and storage service whereby the goods can be imported, cleared and then stored until they are called off by the customer when needed for a time-sensitive installation. This is a good option for businesses trying to minimise time risks, and a valuable added service for resellers. 

In practice, cleared goods are stored in a high-security warehouse in the country in which they are required, and then called off and physically deployed as and when they are required to destinations within the country.

This solution also offers cost savings as there is a single import and clearance process for the whole consignment rather than multiple costly imports and clearance procedures.

A case study in import storage solutions – a multi-national oil and gas company

Our client has multiple stores in many countries that sell fuel and other goods for the consumer market.

  • Customer has a global upgrade project of all their point-of-sale devices at shop stores
  • The project covers 150+ stores spread over 20 countries
  • Deployment was phased over one year, but the client wanted all the POS devices shipped to each country at the same time
  • M&B arranged the shipments and acted as Importer of Record for each of the 20 countries
  • Storage was arranged for the 20-70 devices in each country to be called off and delivered as required


Mouse & Bear’s IOR and storage solutions

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